Terms of Service

By commissioning me you agree to all of my terms

I reserve the right to decline any commission as I see fit

I Will Draw

-Suggestive content or nsfw

I Will Not Draw

- Anything sexual or suggestive of feral characters
- Anything sexual or suggestive of kid characters
-Anything defamatory or hateful in nature

I Will Charge Extra For

-Rush commissions (anything that has a deadline under a week from the initial purchase date)
-Complex/Highly detailed characters
-Complex props
-Commercial use
If you aren't sure if I will charge extra, or how much I'll charge, feel free to contact me for a quote


-I only accept payment via paypal
-All payment must be upfront unless discussed otherwise
-By default I will expect payment by 24 hours within when I've given you my paypal link, but if you need more time, just let me know upfront and we can work something out.


-Refunds are only offered up to the sketch stage, at which point I am willing to give 50% back.
-Past the sketch stage no refunds will be offered
-The only circumstance in which a full refund will be offered is in a case in which I, for whatever reason, need to cancel working on your commission.


-To inquire about a commission, feel free to contact me through any of my linked social media (on makn page of this site)
- some i check less frequently than others, i would say that twitter, tumblr and furaffinity are your best bets at the most efficient reponse

Customer requests

-I allow for large edits during the sketch stage free of charge. I will do up to two sketches free of charge. If the customer requests anything significant past that, a $5 will be applied.
-Exceptions are small things like color corrections or details I skimmed over unintentionally.
-Please note if your commission is a gift or not! If it is a gift I will not share any WIPS, and I won't post it until given permission.


-Commissions are not to be used for commercial purposes unless we discuss that beforehand.
-Feel free to upload your commission anywhere (or use as an icon, header, ect)
-You may print your commission for personal use or for gifts. No permission needed.
-I reserve the right to upload commission work on any of my platforms or utilize them in portfolios. If you do not want this, please let me know! I don't mind


-I am happy to work with deadlines (though I have a right to decline if I feel I cannot meet it)
-Deadlines within a week of the commission being ordered will be subject to a rush fee, price depending on the complexity of a piece
-Average turnaround heavily depends on the type of commission and what I have going on in my life at the moment. I try to take no longer than a month to finish commissions but if it will take longer than that I will keep you updated!
-painted commissions will generally take longer than other varieties


click the pictures to see examples!
Make sure to read my TOS before commissioning me
Prices may vary

Ms Paint Fullbodies

Unshaded: $50
Shaded: $60
+$25 per extra character

Painted Fullbody

$100-150+ depending on complexity of character
+$50-100 for extra character (once again depending on complexity)

Painted Icon

more examples to come
Matching pair for $110

Artistic Liberty Ko-fimissions

more examples to come
conducted through Ko-fi

pay what you want! Starting at $5, in increments of $5

Paint Fullbody Examples

Icon Examples

Ko-fimission Examples

Painted Fullbody Examples